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Why your pharmacy needs managed IT support

From juggling supply chains to ensuring customers receive the correct medications, a pharmacy’s technological infrastructure is one of its pillars. Without the appropriate care, pharmacies risk falling behind their competitors and making severe mistakes.

Managed IT service providers (MSPs) experienced in the pharmaceutical space offer pharmacies various benefits upon acquiring their services. These advantages allow pharmacies to remain operational and deliver much-needed products and services to their customers.

5 reasons your pharmacy needs managed IT support:

1. Unparalleled hardware and software maintenance

Pharmacies have readily embraced the technological advancements that came into their industry, with 6 in 10 pharmacists considering themselves well-adapted to technologies that enhance their business performance.

 However, an extensive IT system is complex and time-consuming to manage whether your pharmacy is a small business or a part of a chain. While the vendors you work with may be able to offer you support to uphold the individual components of your network, they may not have the technical expertise to ensure their products are optimised for your business.

 Pharmacies that invest in an MSP can take advantage of the latter’s business IT support services – a comprehensive set of offerings that uphold IT infrastructures. From configuring hardware to updating software platforms, managed IT support gives pharmacies access to skilled technicians and digital specialists that can keep their technical frameworks operating year round.

2. Incomparable expertise in IT and business

As a pharmacy, you need a company fully aware of the impact and importance of maintaining your business’s IT systems. A partner who cannot empathise with you will only cause frustration and slow your operations. MSPs take the best of both worlds – they combine their specialised knowledge in IT with a talent for business to work alongside you, not hold you back.

From day-to-day advisory services on platforms such as Microsoft 365 (Microsoft Office 365 or M365) to offering technical guidance, MSPs can help your pharmacy run more efficiently and grow in the following ways:

MSPs with experience in the pharmaceutical industry approach pharmacies’ IT networks holistically. Managed IT support services give you the freedom to focus on your business and improve the health of your customers with technology aligned with your goals. 

3. Bolster your cyber security measures

The introduction of electronic prescriptions and My Health Record saw an increase in the number of cyber-attacks on Australian pharmacies. Cyber risks can impact any sized business, and a robust cyber security strategy can make a significant difference to your organisation.

Regardless if you receive small business IT support, or a higher service level to match your growing pharmacy, managed IT support providers can help protect your business by:

Cyber security should be a top priority for your pharmacy. The information you collect and store in your systems is personal to your customers. With an MSP’s assistance, you can ensure your pharmacy’s cyber security measures are up to date and fit for purpose.

4. Reduced costs

As a pharmacy owner, you must keep track of your expenses to ensure you are not overspending or underspending on your business. IT spending can be expensive for companies that have no time for in-depth product research.

Managed IT support provides pharmacies with a team of experts who thoroughly understand the IT industry’s products and services. With this knowledge at their disposal, pharmacies can have peace of mind knowing their tools and systems are comprised of cost-effective solutions capable of operating at high speeds with a reduced risk of failure and costly downtime.

5. Enhanced customer service

As with any business, your pharmacy’s customers are vital to your success. From face-to-face interactions to online correspondences, you must deliver high-quality service to keep your customers loyal and your reputation clean. A solid IT system helps you save time and keeps your procedures operational by giving you and your staff access to critical information when needed.

Managed IT support providers can act as a pharmacy’s IT department to keep their IT infrastructures working as intended. This is crucial for you as it allows you to prioritise your customers and keep your attention on them rather than forcing you to waste money and time on fixing your network.

IT support in Melbourne for pharmacies Australia-wide

Pharmacies in Melbourne and across Australia are essential to the daily lives of their communities, and their IT systems need to work efficiently to support their customers’ well-being.

Based in Melbourne, Muscatech is a leading business IT support provider with years of experience improving and supporting the networks of Australian pharmacies. If you need support for your IT issues and want to partner with a team of business and technology experts, reach out today.  

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