How to create superior employee experiences with technology

The wellbeing of your employees determines their ability to complete their jobs. Team members that are engaged result in more productive work environments and better-quality services. On the other hand, staff that are physically and mentally tapped out of business operations may be disloyal to the organisation, or they could be uninterested in their roles – a state that can negatively impact your business’s performance.

As such, developing top-tier employee experiences is vital to keeping staff engaged with your company’s culture. This can be accomplished by investing in technological solutions. With the right tools and IT practices in place, your organisation will be able to improve employee engagement and performance, leaving people energised with an outstanding employee experience. 

What is the employee experience?

Employee experiences refer to the sum of all interactions employees have with an organisation. It encompasses everything from the initial recruitment process to the day-to-day work environment. The goal of focusing on the employee experience is to create a positive workplace that fosters employee engagement, satisfaction, and retention.

What are the business benefits of positive employee experiences?

An outstanding workplace culture is fundamental to the operations and profitability of a successful business. 77% of job hunters consider a company’s culture before they apply for a position. So, in the chance that an organisation has poor employee experiences, and staff are vocal about it, it can have a significant negative impact on the business’s ability to attract and retain employees.

Positive staff experiences grant companies the opposite effect. Highly engaged team members (and their experiences) can benefit a business in several ways:

When employees feel supported by their employer, they will be more likely to stay with them for longer periods of time. Consequently, to boost employee engagement and performance, companies ought to invest in technological solutions that can support business operations and workloads.

How you can improve the employee experience with technology

On average, employees spend approximately “90,000 hours at work” over the course of their life. This is a significant amount of time that needs to be streamlined and made manageable wherever possible.

By utilising technological solutions to foster outstanding employee experiences, you will be able to grant your team a better work/life balance that will translate into bolstered employee engagement and performance for greater customer experiences.

You can enrich the employee journey at your organisation with the following solutions:

1. Collaboration platforms

Collaboration platforms make it easier for businesses to improve the way employees communicate, collaborate, and work together. Comprehensive collaboration tools allow team members to connect easily with one another, share ideas, and work on projects together. And when team members are able to communicate and access the information they need for their jobs, they will be able to finish tasks faster and to a higher standard.

Microsoft Teams (or Teams) is an intuitive collaboration platform that allows users to leverage various communication channels and collaboration capabilities to streamline workflows. Available as a part of the Microsoft 365 suite, Teams and its different versions are fully capable of supporting workloads no matter their size, ensuring that your company’s employee experiences are not threatened by information silos and ineffective teamwork.

2. Cyber security tools

“Hackers attack every 39 seconds”, forcing organisations to remain vigilant in the face of potential cyber threats. A successful cyber-attack can severely damage workplace networks. This can result in information theft, compromised data, and more. And when a business is the victim of cybercrime, it can place significant stress on everyone, from employees to customers.

Cyber security solutions make it easier for business owners to secure their IT systems from threats. There are tools that allow you to monitor your network, identify suspicious activity, and protect your data with encryption. Others can be used to limit employees’ access to sensitive information to ensure that only authorised staff are privy to certain data.

Some cyber security solutions include:

It goes without saying that the health of your IT systems can affect employee engagement and performance. Without a set of security-centric technological solutions and practices protecting your network, your business may experience repeated cyber risk incidents, dampening employee experiences.

3. Cloud-based technologies

With their ability to provide flexible and scalable solutions, cloud-based technologies can easily improve employee experiences. The cloud allows your workplace tools (such as productivity solutions) to be accessed via the internet, enhancing business efficiency and agility. With the cloud, your team members can maintain ties with your business and its resources, regardless of their location – a necessity for remote and hybrid workers. 

The nature of the business landscape constantly changes, and you need to ensure that your team is capable of adapting to the latest changes. By using cloud-based technologies, you can allow your team members to stay connected and collaborate in real time, improving communication and fostering effective teamwork. And when your staff are able to hit the ground running 24/7 with relevant technological solutions, you will be able to create exceptional employee experiences. 

Enhance employee engagement and performance with cost-effective technological solutions

Technology impacts employee performance and experiences. So, it is crucial that you have the right tools and support in place.

The managed IT services at Muscatech can examine your IT environment and upgrade its weaknesses for the betterment of your employees. If you are eager to obtain the assistance of an IT partner capable of improving your network’s IT and employee performance, while managing all your technical needs, contact Muscatech today.

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