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Why you should migrate to Microsoft’s business suite (M365)

The modern workplace is an amalgamation of mobile devices, software, and essential processes. A business suite (a set of digital tools that keep core business procedures operational) must be optimised for present and emerging markets. Google and Microsoft have their own suites – Google Workspace and Microsoft 365 (M365), respectively.

While both solutions appear similar, Microsoft 365 was built to support businesses throughout their run and supplies organisations with a robust set of solutions to enhance operational efficiency and productivity.

Below are five reasons why your business should migrate from Google Workspace to M365:

1. More cost-effective subscription plans

Google Workspace and M365 are provided to customers through subscription plans. These packages contain their respective company’s products and services.

Google Workspace is only offered in four plans, with three of them – Business Starter, Business Standard, and Business Plus – available on a per user/month basis. The fourth plan, Enterprise, is subject to customisable prices.

While there is nothing wrong with this arrangement, Microsoft is more in-depth, ensuring its applications are readily available for organisations of all sizes. Microsoft 365’s per user/month subscriptions are:

Microsoft 365’s subscriptions also offer a mix-and-match format. This enables businesses to choose the services relevant to them. It is a flexible solution for companies wanting to lower costs or reorganise their working arrangements with comprehensive support.

2. Intuitive applications for any business task

In 2021, businesses used an average of 80 software-as-a-service (SaaS) products in their operations. While this might not seem newsworthy, it shows the significance of software in the workplace and how digital tools are integral to corporate success. 

Google Workspace supports a set of cloud-based applications accessible through the internet. Google’s apps include:

  • Google Drive
  • Google Docs
  • Google Slides
  • Google Sheets
  • Google Calendar
  • Gmail
  • And more.

Despite certain products supporting offline functionalities, Google Workspace’s tools are typically not as dynamic as Microsoft’s, leaving users at a disadvantage.

On the other hand, M365’s apps are also cloud-based (with a desktop version available if necessary). Usable on PCs, Macs, and mobile devices, Microsoft 365’s applications take the weaknesses of Google’s products and improve them. M365 programs include:

  • Microsoft Teams – a unified communications platform.
  • Word – software for creating documents.
  • PowerPoint – software for creating presentations.
  • Excel – software for creating spreadsheets.
  • Outlook – an email server that integrates with Teams.
  • OneDrive – a cloud storage service.
  • SharePoint – a content management and collaboration program.
  • OneNote – software for taking notes.
  • Access and Publisher (for PC only) – a data management and publication software, respectively.

From Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, to OneNote and Outlook, M365’s applications can be leveraged in any part of your business. At the same time, the programs’ integration capabilities allow users to synchronise data and information from across an organisation and store it in a single hub for easy access. With M365, companies can have peace of mind knowing their operations are enhanced with intuitive tools.

3. Enhanced communication and collaboration

Businesses that regularly invest in social work tools foster a sense of open communication and stress-free collaboration within the workplace. Google’s applications are somewhat limited in this area, stalling organisations needing software that will help them communicate more effectively and deliver meaningful results to customers.

M365 supports an all-in-one ecosystem where every application easily integrates with another regardless of the devices used. From @mentions in emails to co-authoring functions in project-related programs, Microsoft understands the importance of workplace collaboration and communication and developed M365 to deliver on this front and exceed expectations.

4. Boost cyber security

It is important to acknowledge that both Google and Microsoft incorporated cyber security measurements and policies into their products. However, M365’s security frameworks are more extensive than Google’s. These solutions take a holistic approach to a company’s digital security for more secure file sharing and a safer digital workspace.

Some of Microsoft 365’s security solutions include:

  • Data Loss Prevention (DLA) – technology that reduces the chances of users accidentally sharing sensitive information.
  • Microsoft Defender – a security service that protects users from cyber threats.
  • Identity and Access Management – deploys access control policies to prevent applications and data from being seen by unauthorised personnel.

No matter the size of a business, cyber security is fundamental to its success. M365’s security frameworks manage and maintain highly secure networks that prioritise protecting information and data.

5. Scalability for more seamless digital transformations

Organisations that prepare for and readily embrace digital transformations improve their competitive edge and remain functional as markets shift and customers change. Google Workspace is not as robust as M365 and lacks the additional features to reassure business owners preparing for a company-wide transformation.

On the other hand, Microsoft caters to organisations looking to increase their output with compatible systems. M365’s cloud-based model leverages modern technologies that scale up with a business as it evolves. This is also reflected in Microsoft’s subscription plans. Companies can move between the various plans depending on their needs and budget.

Migrate from Google Workspace to M365 with expert guidance

Your business requires more than a toolbox. It needs an entire suite of versatile programs and tools that empower employees, simplify company processes, and keep all your information within a secure network 24/7/365. Google Workspace’s cons make its programs not cut out for your organisation’s workload and people.

The Microsoft 365 specialists at Muscatech regularly assist companies transitioning from a Google-powered workplace to a Microsoft-fuelled environment. From answering your queries about Outlook, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint to implementing solutions into your existing frameworks, Muscatech’s team can help your business achieve greater technical cohesion and productivity.

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