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How managed IT service providers can downsize your IT system

 The information technology (IT) sphere helps Australian businesses reach new levels of success every day. Investing in IT solutions has helped many organisations meet the expectations of their clients and employees, giving them innovative tools to drive efficiency and productivity.

However, in today’s world, where 71% of consumers say they would use a chatbot if it meant an improved customer experience, it is understandable why some businesses may invest in too many IT solutions and find themselves feeling overwhelmed.

In these situations, managed IT service providers can help businesses downsize their IT infrastructures, ensuring that all unnecessary equipment and systems are disposed of correctly and safely. 

An overview of managed IT service providers

A technical support service company capable of catering to organisations of all sizes, managed IT service providers (MSPs) provide IT support to clients. MSPs combine their in-depth expertise in technology with relevant business knowledge to help clients make the most of their IT infrastructures, aligning all technologies with business goals and ensuring that they remain operational.

Experienced in the management and maintenance of a wide range of IT solutions, MSPs’ services include: 

  • Software and hardware management
  • Network monitoring
  • Cyber security solutions
  • Cloud computing IT solutions
  • Unified communications
  • Managed IT support

While managed IT service providers are often thought of as the support pillars that keep organisations’ IT infrastructures afloat, they are also experienced in IT disposal.

What is IT disposal?

IT disposal (sometimes known as IT equipment disposal) refers to the procedures surrounding the safe and environmentally conscious disposal of IT assets from an organisation’s IT infrastructure. It is a factor that must be incorporated into a company’s IT strategy as it provides businesses with insight into their tools’ lifespans. It can also help them prepare for impending hardware failure or digital transformation initiatives.

How can managed IT service providers help companies downsize their IT infrastructures?

The concepts of IT disposal and downsizing infrastructures are not new. However, they are practices that may cause confusion for project managers, business leaders, and other senior personnel who may not have the skills or time to manage them on their own.

Only 17.4% of e-waste is effectively recycled, and with the growing importance of data integrity across industries, the need to correctly downsize and dispose of IT assets (when necessary) is more important than ever.

Managed IT service providers can help businesses downsize their IT infrastructures in the following ways:

1. Conduct thorough assessments of IT solutions

Every technical solution that makes up your IT infrastructure should serve three purposes: streamline operations, enhance employee engagement, and add value to your organisation. When downsizing your IT infrastructure, managed IT service providers can help you determine which solutions are no longer necessary and which ones can be easily replaced.

As much as they are internal affairs, in the case of downsizing and IT disposal, MSPs also look outwards to the technologies that exist within the market. Using this view and their expertise in business technology, managed IT service providers can help companies determine which IT solutions they should invest in to replace older tools.

For example, an MSP may suggest a client adopt cost-effective cloud services to secure their data and free up space previously dedicated to on-premise servers. 

2. Safely deconstruct IT systems

Building solid IT infrastructures is the bread and butter of managed IT service providers. The skills and knowledge MSPs use to put networks together are the same ones they use to pull them apart. When the time comes to decommission a server, move data from an old storage device, or retire a piece of networking equipment, it is important to do so in a way that protects the integrity of the network.

Managed IT service providers understand how to properly disconnect legacy IT solutions from their former user’s systems, ensuring that information is not corrupted or lost. On the hardware side of things, MSPs can help organisations remove their old equipment in accordance with any work health and safety regulations.

3. Comprehensive data destruction services

With many businesses embracing the modern era of remote and hybrid work, the number of endpoints they have connected to their networks has grown exponentially. An endpoint refers to any device connected to a network, including computers, mobile phones, and tablets. If these tools are not disposed of correctly, traces of your company’s data can remain within them – easy pickings for cybercriminals.

Managed IT service providers are well-versed in data destruction. Whether you are curious about hard drive destruction or you need someone to wipe your devices clean, an MSP can advise you on and administer proper data IT disposal to ensure that all sensitive information is not salvageable and that you remain ethically and legally compliant.

4. Provide ongoing support for newly implemented IT solutions

Once a client has successfully downsized their IT infrastructure, managed IT service providers can monitor and assess the performance of their client’s newly scaled-down IT systems. They can be on hand to answer any lingering questions, re-examine IT strategies in light of new developments, and make sure IT infrastructures continue to drive business growth. 

IT disposal and downsizing services from an industry-leading MSP

Managed IT service providers offer a range of services to help businesses downsize their IT infrastructures. While this is a move that can ultimately reduce costs and make IT solutions more manageable, it can also damage organisations if performed incorrectly.

The business IT support services at Muscatech gives businesses access to a managed IT service provider with years of experience in handling and downsizing IT infrastructures. If you are looking for foolproof, legal IT disposal for your IT solutions, talk to the team today.  

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