5 business benefits of a structured cabling system

Work areas without reliable connectivity place unnecessary pressure on organisations, forcing employees to spend more energy on ensuring internal processes run as intended. A structured cabling system leverages the latest in cabling design and installation products and practices to make sure that data flows through a network efficiently.

Effective network cabling can provide your business with a world of benefits, each one serving as a building block towards achieving your goals and growing your customer base. A structured cabling system is dynamic and versatile, supporting small businesses, large companies, and medium-sized organisations in all their connectivity needs. 

A quick overview of a structured cabling system

A structured cabling system is designed to serve as a company’s telecommunications cabling infrastructure, facilitating the smooth and secure flow of information and communications between different networked hardware and software tools. Structured cabling is administered onsite to make sure that every facet of your business – from your customer service team’s hardware to your office – is able to connect to the network and send data in a timely manner.

In other words, structured cabling serves as a cost-effective solution to ensure your communications are optimised for daily use. In structured cabling, you will often find the following components:

The hardware that comprises a structured cabling system was developed according to the telecommunication industry’s policies and standards. Previously, businesses used point-to-point cabling for their structured cabling needs – a rigid, inflexible system that was not suitable for the needs of the growing business landscape. Nowadays, companies that invest in structured cabling can prepare themselves for a future dictated by increased productivity and customer loyalty.

What are the 5 benefits of a structured cabling system?

Structured cabling is about more than installing a copper cable on one side of the office and connecting someone’s computer on the other side, it is an often-overlooked solution to ensuring business efficiency within a highly organised work environment. 

89% of consumers would continue to do business with a company after receiving great customer service. Your business’s internal processes reach your customers through customer service, along with maintaining the quality of the services and products that you provide.

Without high-quality connectivity and well-maintained structured cabling infrastructure, you increase the chances of your company’s services slowing down and leaving your customers irate. Luckily, structured cabling provided by experts specialising in unified communications and business IT support can help you avoid this.  

1. Maintain high standards of professionalism

In business, professionalism can cover planned backend operations that keep organisations running and the frontend appearance that the public sees when they first encounter your company. A structured cabling system effectively organises your cabling systems into an infrastructure that is clean and easy to access. From a public perspective, customers will not see a haphazard mess of wires and cables and start to lose confidence in your company.

In terms of backend procedures, correctly installed structured cabling guarantees that your data and information can move through your business with a reduced likelihood of encountering setbacks, such as connection errors. This can ensure that your processes and tools continue to run without a hitch, which can help to maintain your reputation as a reliable business and supportive employer.

2. Reduce downtime

Robust cables result in reliable data flows. If a cable does not function as intended, the entire system (and business) will be impacted by the problem, increasing the chances of experiencing issues that cause downtime. 

A structured cabling system crafted by a company that offers comprehensive business IT support is correctly configured and installed with the most up-to-date hardware and practices. Not only can this help you avoid downtime, but it can also make it easier for you and your team to identify and solve issues to ensure that your company’s data is safe within your network. 

3. Promote business growth

A structured cabling system is tailored to your business’s requirements, meaning that its setup and solutions are cost-efficient, relevant, and able to support the amount of bandwidth you need to improve and perform your operations. 

At the same time, its organisation allows you to quickly add and remove equipment and other solutions as your needs change. In other words, your company’s structured cabling system can easily scale up with your organisation and provide you with the connectivity you need to grow your business.

4. Improve workplace efficiency and safety

When connection cables overheat, they can become damaged and inefficient. Quality structured cabling configures your network to ensure that your cables’ temperature is maintained by proper airflow, solidifying connectivity while reducing the risk of unexpected system delays and potentially dangerous hardware. 

On top of this, workplace safety is more than cyber security. It also relates to peoples’ physical well-being. Keeping your cables out of your employees’ way can help minimise workplace accidents, such as people tripping over hardware. 

5. Bolstered communication channels

At its core, structured cabling is a telecommunications solution. A structured cabling system can update your business’s communication methods, allowing your employees to receive and respond to vital work-related messages more efficiently and effectively. Contrary to what some may believe, phone systems are still relevant in the workplace – structured cabling upgrades phone systems and other communication frameworks to give you peace of mind.

Invest in unified communications and business IT support to obtain a structured cabling system

Workplace communication is imperative to the longevity of any organisation. Structured cabling helps businesses tap into their communication infrastructures to improve their services, grow their revenue, and streamline workflows.

The unified communications experts at Muscatech can offer you business IT support that will help you install and manage your company’s cables. If you want a structured cabling system and support services that will push your company to new heights, reach out to the team today.

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