Workflow Software

Muscatech is a proud supporter of TRACKVIA – the premium platform for workflow and field-based services management. Technology solutions should be easy to understand and straightforward to assess therefore TrackVia’s scalable and customisable solution is one you should consider.


TrackVia is a fully developed platform that enjoys a history of success for several Fortune 500 companies. It has been designed primarily to service and streamline document and process flows for a remote/field/industrial services application. It’s core function is to ensure accurate information can be accessed and edited rapidly in the field. It is centralised via the cloud to ensure the best workflow decisions can be made quickly. 

More About Trackvia

TrackVia is underpinned by sophisticated functionality that allows users to ‘own’ the system. This means that Muscatech can assist clients in customising processes to improve existing operations. This widely used and trusted software is beneficial in reducing implementation time and cost in comparison to scope creep for existing software or building a bespoke platform from scratch.

Once your customised TrackVia system is up and running, your staff can suggest refinements to Muscatech. We will continually consult with you to adapt TrackVia as your business processes develop and expand. 

Benefits of Trackvia

TrackVia is user friendly – the essence of its design allows all staff members of varying skill levels to quickly understand how the system works. Following this, they can adopt TrackVia to suit their operational requirements. 

TrackVia empowers your team members to identify opportunities for expansion and customisation of the platform to benefit your organisation. 

Trackvia ensures better data collection via the following:

  • Real time data collection for viewing and analysis via mobile apps, tablet or computer, even when offline
  • Configurable and user-friendly forms to ensure accurate and up-to-date data
  • Capture of images, signatures, geo-locations and scanned bar codes
  • Customisable workflows that cater to your organisation’s business logic, along with alerts and notifications to further assist in automation of processes
  • Easy integration to other data sources and systems with Trackvia’s API

In summary, the system is:

  • Fast to set up - therefore reducing implementation effort and time
  • Low in cost – we can discuss how Trackvia can be priced
  • User-friendly – easy for all users of varying technology skills
  • Scalable and configurable - You can start small and expand/refine as needed
  • Easy to integrate - it can integrate with any of your main systems