Professional Services

  • Break/Fix Services is Muscatech’s fee for service model where you are invoiced for services rendered. Muscatech is well placed to assist with your next break/fix engagement, anywhere in Australia. How can Muscatech’s break/fix services benefit your organisation?
  • Free up your internal IT team to concentrate on the important things, such as providing proactive support and maintenance.
  • Muscatech can provide qualified onsite IT support to any metropolitan, regional or remote location where it is not practical or possible to have an in-house engineer attend.
  • A single point of contact for all jobs will be nominated for ease of communication and coordination.
  • Our engineers can resolve a wide variety of technology problems, quickly and efficiently.

Project Services

Muscatech has 10 years of experience in delivering successful IT projects across Australia. We are well placed to assist with:

  • Office and Branch Relocations
  • Office and Branch Renovations, Fit-outs and Decommissioning
  • Hardware Refresh Projects
  • Software Projects
  • Environment Upgrades and Migrations
  • Office 365 Migrations
  • Data Centre Installations, Relocations and Decommissioning


We have the knowledge and experience necessary to ensure the successful delivery of any IT project, regardless of the size and complexity. By utilising Muscatech’s project services, your internal IT workforce is left free to concentrate on providing support to your employees without being spread thinly. Our services are ideal to prevent wasted time, effort and expense in hiring temporary staff to complete your project.


In conjunction with our partners, Muscatech is well placed to assist with the affordable and ethical procurement of many different types of software and hardware including but not limited to:

  • HP & HP Enterprise
  • Dell
  • Lenovo
  • Microsoft

Other Services

Muscatech can also assist with many other types of services including:

  • End to end life cycle management of assets
  • Decommissioning of assets including secure data destruction of hard disks
  • Remote monitoring and management of assets
  • Mobile Device Management
  • Integration Services
  • Logistics
  • Warehousing


Contact us today to find out how Muscatech can service your organisation’s IT requirements.