Managed I.T. Services

Managed I.T. Services

With Muscatech Managed Services, we take over the entire responsibility for IT operations and management of your organisation’s systems, ensuring that everything works whilst limiting the risks to your business.

Muscatech will look after everything technology related that your business needs to operate, on whatever devices and services your employees use.

Budget Your I.T. Expenses

Monthly Reports

24/7 Unlimited Helpdesk Support

Ensure your systems are running smoothly

Backup & Disaster Recovery

Security focused -
Keeping the bad guys out

Why muscatech?

We will be your IT Department to look after all your IT business operations:
You’ll benefit from fixed pricing, allowing you to budget your IT expenses with certainty
You’ll be able to plan for business growth far more easily and with greater peace of mind

Peace of mind

  • You can focus on your business while being assured that our IT experts are maintaining your network and making sure things are running smoothly all the time.
  • We document all your IT processes that are unique to your business to improve operational efficiency.
  • We improve security by managing & protecting your passwords, performing regular software updates and patch management, backing up your systems and services while constantly reviewing the overall security of your systems and taking action to remediate any concerns.
  • We work with all your vendors to ensure your IT systems are operating smoothly.

Unlimited Helpdesk Support

Our friendly staff will work to solve your issues for no additional cost with our Managed Services solution

Muscatech makes I.T. Affordable

Stop wondering how much your network is going to cost you each month and take control of your IT expenses! With Muscatech’s Managed Services solution, we will support all your IT requirements for a fixed price each month, with no surprises.

You can rely on Muscatech to allow you to get the most out of your new or existing technology investment.

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